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Meet Our 2020 Board of Directors!

We welcome our three new directors, Dr. Sharon Israel, Milaura Spelman, and Dr. Maria Tsalikis, and look forward to IDA-FL making a greater impact this year with dyslexia awareness, education, and legislation across Florida and beyond.

Join IDA

By joining our organization, you will be in the company of the world’s foremost researchers, teachers, professionals, and parents dedicated to helping individuals with dyslexia, their families and those that support them. Your membership will not only give you exclusive access to this extraordinary community but will also help support Structured Literacy teacher preparation and training required to help thousands of children in K-3 in the years to come.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the IDA!

Give to Our 777 Campaign

In celebration of its 70th anniversary, the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) has pledged to improve the lives of at least 700,000 families, students, and professionals touched by dyslexia with its new 777 Impact Campaign.

Specifically, IDA’s 777 Impact Campaign will train, advocate, and educate by

  • supporting 7,000 Teachers through training and scholarships;
  • improving the lives of more than 70,000 Children through quality educational services; and,
  • serving 700,000 Families, Students, and Professionals through family assistance, educational resources, training, and support.

Follow the link to learn more.

Learn About Dyslexia

Having a child diagnosed with dyslexia can be a traumatic experience. While dyslexia can make reading more difficult, with the right instruction, almost all individuals with dyslexia can learn to read. Many people with dyslexia have gone on to accomplish great things. Among the many dyslexia success stories are Thomas Edison, Stephen Spielberg, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Charles Schwab.

Click on the button to learn more about dyslexia.

Do I Have Dyslexia?

Do you think you may have dyslexia?  Take a brief 10 question self-assessment.

Dyslexia Provider Directory

Click on the provider directory button to find local resources in Florida.


2019 IDA-FL Conference Photos

Our 2019 IDA-FL Conference was a GREAT success.  We want to send a heartfelt “thank you” to all our speakers, sponsors, and participants who made this experience possible!  We already have amazing keynote speakers lined up for next year and breakout sessions TBA.  Hope to see you there, so SAVE THE DATE!

Click Here for 2020 IDA-FL Conference Information and a SNEAK PEEK of the Keynote Speakers!  












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