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Shop to Support IDA-Florida Branch with Amazon Smile



Amazon Smile - New Danville

How to Use Amazon Smile

If you’re like most of us, an Amazon box on your doorstep is a common occurrence, but did you know that you can shop til’ you drop at Amazon while giving to IDA-Florida Branch at the same time? When you visit Amazon via, a portion of your Amazon purchase is donated to IDA-FL to help us accomplish our missions to be the state leader in the awareness and dissemination of current knowledge, research, and resources regarding dyslexia . So whether you’re finally getting around to buying an instant pot, or springing for a giant inflatable rainbow unicorn floatie for the pool, you’ll be helping to provide important information to children and adults with dyslexia, their families, teachers, and related professionals every time you shop. And don’t worry. It doesn’t cost a thing.

How to Select IDA-FL as Your Charity of choice

1. Visit

2. Sign into your Amazon account just like you normally would.

3. Under “Accounts & Lists” in the main menu bar, select “Your Account”.

4. Under “Shopping programs and rentals” select “Change your charity”.

5. Enter “Florida Branch of the International Dyslexia Association” into the charity search bar.

6. Select Florida Branch of the International Dyslexia Association Inc.

7. You’re all set! Shop as you normally would while helping raise money for dyslexia awareness and education!

How to ensure you always make purchases through Amazon Smile

In order for your Amazon order to qualify, it must be made through Amazon Smile. Unfortunately, orders made through regular ol’ Amazon won’t qualify. Fortunately, setting up bookmarks and redirects is easy.


By installing a plug-in that automatically redirects you to every time you visit Amazon, you can ensure all your purchases help benefit IDA-Florida.

For Chrome users

Install the Smile Always chrome extension.
2. Click “Available in the webstore”
3. Then click the blue “Add to chrome” button
4. And you’re done! Everytime you try to visit Amazon, you’ll be redirected to instead.

For Safari users

Install the KeepOnSmiling extension
1. Visit this site:
2. Under 1.2, under assets select “keeponsmiling.safariextz”. It will download an extension
3. Click on the extension in your downloads folder
4. Select “trust” and add the extension

Bookmarks & Favorites

If you regularly use bookmarks and favorites to navigate the web:

1. Visit

2. Create a bookmark or favorite. If you currently have Amazon bookmarked or favorited, replace it with the link.


Setting Up Amazon Smile on Mobile

If you shop at Amazon using your mobile device, you can still use Amazon Smile and help send kids to Camp.

From your Browser

If you regularly shop using Amazon using your mobile browser, simply navigate to and set a bookmark. Each time you open a new tab, click on your Amazon smile bookmark or enter “” as the url.

From the Amazon App

Unfortunately, you can’t use Amazon smile directly through the Amazon app, but there are 2 easy workarounds.

1. Replace the Amazon app with a link to the Amazon Smile mobile page. navigate to On an iPhone, press the “share” button, then select “Add to HomeScreen.” On an Android device, press the menu button, then tap “Page”. Then tap “Add page shortcut.”


2. Add all of your items to your cart using the Amazon app, then checkout using either your mobile browser, or a desktop browser.

And you’re all set to shop at Amazon while making a difference!